Gone are the days of running around with cap guns or even paintball. Nerf Guns now provide a great way to have an exciting shooting battle with your friends and family while still maintaining safety (and keeping parents happy!). Whether you’re looking for a traditional pistol entry-level nerf gun or something more exotic like a fully automatic assault rifle, there are plenty of options out there to choose from! In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best to nerf guns currently on the market today so that you can find an option that fits both your budget and your warfare needs. So read on – it’s time to blast into action!

Most popular nerf guns

Nerf guns have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and now many manufacturers are bringing an array of unique designs to the market. Whether they’re modified with add-ons or remain as is, these blasters come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Among them, you’ll find some leading varieties which have quickly gained a loyal following. The Doomlands Negotiator, Zombie Strike Doominator and N-Strike Elite Retaliator feature different types of ranges and firing styles, so there’s something for all kinds of Nerf enthusiasts! Additionally, they possess plenty of power and customizability, so you can amp up your gameplay according to your preference.

Types of nerf guns

Explore the exciting world of Nerf guns below for endless firing possibilities!

  • N-Strike

    Nerf Gun N-Strike.

    The N-Strike series includes blasters and other models that have a “tactical” feel to them. The vast majority of these blasters are identified by a numerical code, which classifies them into a variety of blaster kinds. These types include clip-fed blasters, revolver-style blasters, air-powered blasters, and more!

    These blasters allow for the use of extra accessories, most notably through the tactical rail platform, which is compatible with a variety of accessory types. Some of these attachment types include flip-up sights, telescopes, shielding, and grips, among others. Detachable barrels and shoulder stocks can each be supported by a comparable platform that is integrated into the muzzle and the back of a blaster.

    N-Strike also pioneered the use of a standard clip design, known as the clip system. This design for various clips and drums of varying sizes to be inserted into any blaster that is compatible with it. Popular models include the N-Strike Elite Strongarm, the N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike and the N-Strike Elite Rampage.

  • N-Strike Elite

    Nerf Gun N-Strike Elite.

    The N-Strike Elite series is an improved version of the original N-Strike series. It includes blasters that offer more enhanced performance with more powerful firing capabilities than their counterparts. With a more revolutionary design and features, these blasters come packed with more firepower and a sleek appearance.

    Some of the most popular models in this series include the N-Strike Elite Roughcut 2×4, the N-Strike Elite Stryfe, and the N-Strike Elite Retaliator. All of these blasters can fire darts at a greater range and with more power than their predecessors, making them ideal for more advanced Nerf combat.

  • N-Strike Elite XD

    Nerf Gun N-Strike Elite XD.

    The N-Strike Elite XD series includes blasters that offer even higher performance capabilities than the N-Strike Elite series. These blasters possess enhanced features and improved engineering for an even more powerful firing experience.

    The N-Strike Elite XD series includes some of the most popular models currently on the market today, such as the N-Strike Elite HyperFire, the N-Strike Elite Infinus, and the N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire. These blasters boast an even longer range compared to other models in its class, and they also come equipped with game-changing features like motorized firing and special power modes. Additionally, these blasters are capable of providing an incredibly rapid-firing rate, making them ideal for intense Nerf battles.

  • N-Strike Mega

    Nerf Gun N-Strike Mega.

    The N-Strike Mega series includes larger and more powerful blasters than the other models in its range. These blasters shoot their darts at a much higher velocity than most of their counterparts and offer more range.

    The most popular models in this series include the N-Strike Mega BioShock, the N-Strike Mega TwinShock, and the N-Strike Mega Mastodon. These blasters are great for taking out multiple targets at once with their rapid-firing capabilities.

    This model also includes an extended blaster design, enabling more darts to be loaded into its internal clip. This makes them one of the best options for larger battles, as they can quickly take out multiple targets with ease.

  • N-Strike Modulus

    Nerf Gun N-Strike Modulus.

    The N-Strike Modulus series is a customizable model that includes several different components and attachments that can be used to modify a blaster. This series allows users to customize their blasters with different attachments and accessories, making them more powerful in the process.

    The most popular models in this series include the N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike, which includes three separate firing components, as well as the N-Strike Modulus ECS-10, which features a customizable configuration. These blasters are great for those who want to customize their own blasters to match their preferences and combat style.

  • N-Strike Zombie Strike

    Nerf Gun Zombie Strike.

    Nerf guns make for a fun pastime for people of all ages. The popularity of the Zombie Strike line is a testament to this, with its theme based on zombie apocalypse from movies, computer games, and television shows. Each blaster in the Zombie Strike line is designed differently, some with a DIY aspect or integrated cloth mold on the handle. Two of the most popular Nerf guns are the Crossfire Bow and Sidestrike which both feature the logo of the N-Strike Elite series sculpted onto them.

    These blasters are ideal for those who want to roleplay as a zombie hunter and for those who just want to have some fun. The Zombie Strike line is great for Nerf enthusiasts of any age and skill level, making it one of the most popular series currently available.

    A Youtube video series of the same name was released to accompany the Zombie Strike line. The show follows a team of zombie hunters as they battle the undead using Nerf guns from this series.

  • AccuStrike Series

    Nerf Gun AccuStrike Series.

    The AccuStrike Series of blasters from Nerf is the perfect choice for gamers who value accuracy and power. With darts designed with an aerodynamic shape, they fly straight and far – making it easier to hit distant targets.

    The most popular blaster from this series is the AccuStrike Raptorstrike which features an extended stock to help you steady your aim for improved accuracy – so even if you’re not an experienced gamer, you can still land some pretty impressive shots with this blaster!

    This model also includes an extendable bipod, making it easier to take aim at targets that are further away. Additionally, the AccuStrike Raptorstrike has a number of attachments like scopes and other accessories that can be used to customize your blaster for different gaming scenarios.

  • Vortex

    Nerf Gun Vortex.

    The Vortex series of Nerf guns are perfect for those who want to experience the thrill and excitement of rapid-fire action. These blasters use a unique disc firing mechanism, allowing users to shoot a ball-like blaster or rocket-like missile up to 50 feet!

    The Vortex Vigilon is one of the most popular blasters in this series, featuring an innovative firing mechanism that allows users to shoot three discs at once. The Vigilon also includes a ten-disc clip, giving users plenty of ammunition for their battles. Additionally, this blaster comes with a special barrel extension that can be used to launch discs even further.

  • Alpha Strike

    Nerf gun Alpha Strike.

    If you’re looking for a Nerf gun that is both affordable and reliable, then the Alpha Strike series is perfect for you. This line of blasters features several models with different capabilities, making them ideal for casual backyard battles as well as more serious competitions.

    The AlphaHawk blaster is one of the most popular models in this series, featuring an extendable stock and an adjustable barrel that can be used to customize the blaster for different combat scenarios. Additionally, this model comes with a five-dart clip and ten darts, so you are ready for action right out of the box.

    Overall, the Alpha Strike series is perfect for those who want a reliable blaster without breaking their budget.


    Nerf gun RIVAL.

    For those who are looking for a more intense Nerf gun experience, then the RIVAL series is what you need. This line of blasters features high-velocity rounds that can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour and come in multiple colors.

    The Khaos MXVI-4000 blaster is one of the most popular models in this series, featuring an ergonomic design for comfortable handling and a high-capacity hopper that can hold up to forty rounds. Additionally, this model is also compatible with other attachments like scopes, making it perfect for more serious combat scenarios.

    It also features an adjustable stock and grip for more comfortable aiming, as well as an integrated muzzle brake for increased accuracy. Other models include the Rival Apollo XV-700, which has a seven-round magazine for quick reloading and the Hades XVIII-6000, which features an adjustable shoulder stock and a red dot sight.

  • Gear Up

    Nerf gun Gear Up.

    When Nerf released its N-Strike series back in 2011, they also introduced the new Gear Up subseries of blasters to help promote their upcoming Vortex series. These blasters were given distinct visuals with an orange, black, and white color scheme that featured “distinct black and orange deco decorations” on its exterior.

    Furthermore, fifty percent of the darts included in each retail pack come with diagonal black lines running from top to bottom across their surfaces. It was an attempt by Nerf to make their range of blasters stand out more from others on the market, with a design that instantly recollects the N-Strike behind the product.

    The feature is quite similar to the later released Alpha Strike and RIVAL series, except with a unique orange-black theme that makes it easy to identify. The most popular Gear Up blasters is the Brainsaw and StratoBow models. Both guns feature an easy pump action that allows users to fire off several darts in succession quickly.

  • Rebelle

    Nerf gun Rebelle.

    The Rebelle series is the first line of Nerf guns specifically designed for girls, featuring bright colors and unique designs that appeal to a female audience. This line of blasters includes several models with different capabilities, ranging from small pistols to large shoulder-mounted cannons.

    The Heartbreaker bow is one of the most popular models in the Rebelle series, featuring a bow and arrow design with an adjustable draw weight for greater performance. Additionally, this blaster also comes with eight foam-tipped arrows that can be fired up to 75 feet.

    Other popular models include the Rapid Red Blaster, which has a ten-dart magazine and firing range of up to 80 feet, and the Sweet Revenge crossbow, which has a four-dart capacity and a firing range of up to 90 feet.

  • Nitro

    Nerf gun Nitro.

    The latest line of blasters released by Nerf is the Nitro series, which is designed to provide an entirely new level of performance. These blasters are capable of launching foam cars up to 45 feet and feature a unique firing mechanism that can launch up to six cars in succession.

    The Foam Fury Joust set is one of the most impressive models in this series, featuring two blasters that can launch foam cars up to 40 feet. This set also comes with ten foam cars and eight obstacles for an exciting jousting experience.

    Other popular Nitro blasters include the Speedloop Showdown, which features a loop launcher that can fire up to four foam cars up to 45 feet, and the DropStriker which launches one foam car at a time with an impressive range of 90 feet.

  • Ultra

    Nerf gun Nitro.

    The last but not least line of blasters released by Nerf is the Ultra series, which features their best performance so far. This series of blasters are designed for maximum range and accuracy, with an impressive firing range of up to 120 feet.

    The flagship model in this series is the Ultra One Motorized Blaster, which has a ten-dart rotating drum and an acceleration trigger that allows users to fire off darts in quick succession. This blaster also features a collapsible stock for added stability and grip for more comfortable aiming, as well as an integrated muzzle brake for increased accuracy.

    It also has a removable scope that can improve target accuracy and comes with twenty-two Ultra darts for maximum range and performance.


Gear up and strap in as Nerf continues to revolutionize the world of foam blasters with its impressive lineup of products. Whether you’re a fan of traditional pistols or high-powered cannons, there is sure to be something for everyone in the Nerf family of blasters! No matter which blaster you choose, it will surely provide hours of fun and excitement. So gather up your friends, pick out your favorite blaster, and get ready for a Nerf battle of epic proportions!